Transformation Object Concept Work

This week I’m looking at my work on Project 1 for Visual Language, where we create a transformational object which explores semiotic theory.

I’ve made some initial drawings about a concept I have…


Basically I’m thinking of creating a digital game/experience which will be either an app or website. The idea is to show a series of images in a few different categories, and these will change over the course of the ‘game’, which will be the transformation part. A word (signifier) will be shown underneath, and users will have to click through each image in each category to find the image they think best matches the word. After all words have been shown and choices made, a scoreboard will show up which will compare the user’s results with other players, showing a percentage per image.

The semiotic theories I think I will be including are signification (the word displayed at the bottom), and the denotations will the images themselves, which will then be applied with meaning via the word. Colour will also be explored as a category, and possibly differentiation. I think the concept of myth could factor into the scoreboard/comparison at the end, showing how each person’s cultural/historical beliefs lead them to choose a specific image compared to others who may have different responses.

At the moment I’m still playing around with this idea… hopefully it will be more developed by next week!



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