Transformation Object Development

This week I’ve been looking at different ideas for my Transformation Object for Project 1.

I’ve been developing my ideas from last week, and decided to go with the idea of a game for children.

There will be four players, in teams of two. The first team picks up a card which describes a scenario but is missing a few words; they then choose from a box of words to fill in the blanks on the card.

After this, one person from the second team gets to see the card and the words, and has to draw their interpretation of it in less than a minute.

The third person then has a minute to try and guess what the scenario is.

If they guess their team receive a point, if they don’t the other team receives a point.

The game continues until all of the cards have been depleted; every turn the teams switch roles, and the team with the most points at the end is the winner.

I’ve drawn up some simple ideas of how this might work below:

week 4 post_image


One thought on “Transformation Object Development

  1. Hey Ruby!
    I like your transformation object idea! A card game is a great way to incorporate some semiotic theories. Have you thought about which theories you’d like to express? I think it will be highly interactive by the way you’ve chosen to have it as a 4 player game, this brings in many elements of other people’s interpretations which could also vary on their beliefs, age, language etc. Is there a reason you aimed it at children? I think this game could be really interesting if you made it for adults too! Although the scenarios would need to be different obviously but could be fun!
    I remember doing this kind of activity in primary school. Will you only use words? The use of images as your objects or characters could add a visual element to it also.
    I’m looking forward to seeing how it comes along 🙂


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