Exploring Type

card draft  card draft_v2card draft_v3

This week I have been expanding my idea for my transformation object further, and looking at presentation, in particular how type will work for the game.

In looking this week about how type can influence meaning, I’ve been exploring the different typefaces that will be used on the scenario cards. I’ve made a few mock-ups using different typefaces. I think each gives a different feel to the presentation. I’m also considering which will have the most readability for children. While the sans serif is easily read for children, the way it interacts with the layout and space on the card doesn’t seem to gel as well as the sans serif, so I think a simple sans serif typeface will most likely be the best option.

More development to come!



One thought on “Exploring Type

  1. Hey Ruby,
    Looks like your transformation card game is coming along! I really like the simple yet effective design you’ve gone with. It keeps the look clean, with an emphasis on colour and typefaces used. Especially the use of blue and orange which I find to be fairly neutral and don’t generally connote a secondary meaning so as to confuse your game. I agree with it being readable and understandable for children which is your target audience and would suggest the top example for this. Whats next to design for the game?
    Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing it all complete!


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