Week 12: Finishing Up

This week has really been about finishing up assignments and getting everything ready to submit. I’ve thankfully finished all four of my rhetoric posters for project 3!


This is my addition poster which uses opposition to “bring together elements which are in opposition to each other” (Dyer 2008, p. 133). I also think that this particular poster could also represent similarity as well, with the similarity being the tree, and the difference being the state of it.



This is my finished suppression poster. This one uses circumlocution as its main rhetorical figure, which involves part of a figure being left out, but linked to another through similarity (Dyer 2008, p. 138). The suppression here is obviously the tiger, and is linked to its outline through the similarity of form, and also its environment.


My finished substitution poster. This one uses substitution of similar elements as its main figure. It uses metaphor, which includes transference of meaning form one context to another (Dyer 2008, p. 143). The metaphor here is the city as a symbol for progress which has led to deforestation of the bear’s natural habitat.


And finally my poster for figures of exchange. This poster uses oxymoron, a message “where two elements remain contradictory” (Dyer 2008, p. 146). Here the two elements are the arctic natives, the polar bear and penguins, and the tropical island. This is used to represent the melting of ice which is leading to loss of habitat for these two animals.

The overarching theme for my posters has been the impact of anthropogenic global warming on animals, and I’ve tried to create a unified series of posters to reflect this message throughout. I’m hoping they reflect each figure of rhetoric accurately in their execution, and create a series of posters which also make sense as a whole.


Reference List:

Dyer, G 2008, Advertising as Communication, Taylor and Francis, Florence.



4 thoughts on “Week 12: Finishing Up

  1. Hi Ruby,
    Really wonderful posters! I’m glad I got to see your final posters – good job on finishing them early! I think they’re not only effective because of the imagery and the questions you’re asking of the viewer (which are great and make you think!) but I think it’s awesome that you’ve included an explanation of what’s happening in the world to make the viewer understand that while the poster might be exaggerating, it’s a very probable possibility that this could happen to our planet. Congratulations on finishing!


  2. Hey there Ruby,
    These posters are so well done. I am enjoying seeing all the completed posters. These are impressive and executed beautifully. I like the flow, even thought each poster is totally different to the last, they still flow really well. I really like your hook, Fight the change, Be the change.


  3. Hey Ruby,

    Your finished posters look really good! your concept ideas are really cool. Did you use photos from the internet? I’m not very confident with photoshop so I ended up just using illustrator for my posters! I really love your first poster under addition. The two photos match up perfectly !


  4. Heya- these look great- but have you considered changing the typeface of the sentence up the top?? Maybe try the same sanserif type you used in that catch phrase down the bottom…. It somehow doesn’t have the powerful hit that’s required with that line…. Also maybe capital C at the start. Just a thought.


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