Project 1 Sketches

I’ve been developing my concept for project 1, and have done a few sketches to try and work out how I want to approach it.

draft sketch 2

I initially explored the idea of suspending card pieces over concrete to create a shadow of the word honest, but this would have been hard to achieve when shooting outside on concrete. The other option above left uses transparency sheets which could be overlapped. These would cast a subtle shadow onto the concrete sidewalk below, which would allow the ‘honest’ quality of the concrete (the patina, dirt, texture, etc.) to show through. This may not be effective enough to cast a shadow though.

draft sketchFurther developing this idea, I started looking at the idea of creating a stencil out of card, which either light or shadow could be cast through to form the word on the concrete below. I’m not sure which will be the most effective; I think I may have to do some trials to see which turns out the best. I’m happy with the direction the project is taking so far though!


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