Researching Project 2

This week I have begun working on project 2, which is a group project. We were asked to create a typographic poster featuring a quote, and each of us had different limitations placed on how many fonts, colours, and sizes we could use to create it. The quote my group was given is as follows:

‘To push the boundaries, you need to know where the edges are’

Mark Boulton

My restrictions are that I can only use one typeface, but have unlimited use of point size and colours. I’ve begun researching how I can approach this project, and I think I want something quite unique if possible. I’ve found a few great examples of different ways I could approach this:

1_Paul Rand Quote Poster_Pinterest

2_Bad Typography_Pinterest

3_Interesting Questions_Behance

4_Information is not Knowledge_Pinterest

5_New York_Behance


So a lot of different ideas here to take inspiration from! Hopefully I can find a solution that also ties into the ideas of my other group members.


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