Project 4: Detailed Sketches


The first sketch above uses a more familiar International Typographic Style grid, with three columns, and each area of text coming off of the central column. The design would use sans serif character synonymous with the movement, and would also hopefully communicate the message effectively.



The second option above would use four coloured numbers which would be overlayed to create a strong graphic effect. The three areas of text would then be placed amongst the gaps left by the numbers. This option wouldn’t leave room for images, but could potentially provide an interesting way to communicate the message, in fitting with the International Typographic Style of the 1940s.



The final option above would use three triangles of primary colour as the base of the design. This layout would be asymmetrical, with the images and text taking on irregular shapes, which could potentially add some dynamism to the composition. The images would have a difference filter applied to leave a more muted effect, and there would potentially be a lot of contrast between the weights and sizes of the headings and body text.

From here I’m hoping to narrow my choice down to my final option, and from there work on it digitally to see how the sketch could be applied to the final layout!


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