Week 1: Brand Values & Site Purpose

The brief for Assessment 1A is to create a folio site which showcases our work to a particular target audience.

We were required to brainstorm how we wanted to be perceived on the site, as well as values for our personal brand and other areas of clarification, such as skills and strengths.


My brainstorming session looked at this through how I wanted to be perceived, my skills, strengths and design style.

Following this research, I’ve decided that my audience for the website will be potential clients whom I could undertake design work for. This would be graphic design services, predominantly branding, poster and publication design for small-medium businesses and individuals (i.e. photography business, wedding event, cafe, etc.).

I want this audience to gain a sense of my creative style, as well as my design capabilities. I want them to take away that I am knowledgeable, passionate and hard-working; and that these are traits I can carry through into work created for their business.

Ideally, I want them to request a work estimate, most likely through a form on the website, and also connect with me via social media (Instagram, Behance, etc).


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