Week 2: Developing Concepts

This week I’ve been working on the concept for my folio site, creating site maps, mood boards and wire frames to explore the direction I want to head in.

I tried a couple of directions for the site map, but I think the simplified (second) option is going to be the best.



The first concept:



This concept is quite feminine and contemporary. It would primarily use a brush script typeface, with watercolour and gold accents. There would be a hero image used as the background, with content boxes placed over the top. The navigation would be on the footer, with small icons used as links to social media.

The second concept:



The second concept is a bit moodier, and would use an almost monochrome palette. The typefaces would be a combination of a classic serif and contemporary sans-serif, and could potentially use texture and pattern as the background on each page. The menu for this option would be sticky, attached to the top of the page while navigating.

The third concept:



The third and final option is a lot cleaner than the other two. It uses a pared back navigation menu and more white space to allow the content room to breathe. This concept would use primarily a monochrome menu, with small amounts of yellow and other bright colours used for emphasis. There would also be more images used in this option on each page, to create uniformity in the design.

At the moment my preferred option is the last (third) concept, purely because it is simpler and allows the content to be viewed much easier. Going forward, I’m hoping to develop this concept further.



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