Week 3: Beginning my Site Creation

This week I’ve been focused on creating the initial stages of my folio site.

We began by creating a content matrix, to determine all of the content which would need to be included:


Following this, I created a visual mockup of my home page, to use as a guide for creating the code.visual-mockup

After this, I began coding the home page itself. This wasn’t a straightforward process, despite my attempts to make the design as simple as possible. Most of the issues came from aligning all of the divs to be where I wanted them on the page, and as you’ll see, I still haven’t got it working as well as I had planned in the visual mockup.


There’s some issues with the distance between the social media icons and the line above that I can’t figure out for the life of me…but hopefully I’ll be able to get this working soon!

My (attempt) at coding, just using placeholder links at the moment, is below:

Untitled - Notepad

And the CSS code:

Untitled - Notepad

Untitled - Notepad

SEO Improvement

We also looked this week at SEOs (search engine optimisation), and I personally found the whole process to be a little confusing. Between search engines there seems to be different ways of improving your SEO, and particularly in the case of Google, it seems to be mostly automated by them with the exception of using paid advertising. My aim for improving my SEO ranking will most likely not include advertising, at least unless there is a need for this later down the track. I think the main way to do this will be the strategic use of keywords, particularly related to my brand, so that this can be read by the ‘spiders’ Google uses to read the content of websites. I think using social media could also improve this, as using a branded username will also improve search listings when there are multiple brand presences available to choose from.

The link to my page is www.c2bydesign.com. Feel free to take a look!


One thought on “Week 3: Beginning my Site Creation

  1. I’ve looked at your SEO measure by typing meta description inside the head element. The content had successfully popped up in google search engine by search “c2bydesign”. Good work done there! I reckon if you type more information in description part would certainly help to target valued viewers.


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