Week 6: End Game

This is the final week I’ll be working on my site before it’s submitted.

I’ve primarily been working on positioning elements on each of the pages following feedback, and exploring fluid design as much as I can. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to implement this as much as I would have liked, but after it is submitted I will definitely be working on getting the site as responsive as possible in the future, because that will obviously be an important consideration for the user, particularly when accessing my site on mobile devices. All of the updated pages are below with the code underneath. All of my individual project pages haven’t changed since they were shared last, so I haven’t included them here.













One of the main issues I had to work on this week was getting my nav bar menu items at the top of the page working on all browsers. I had initially trialled it on firefox and i.e. and it had work, but following feedback from another class member, I learned that it wasn’t working on other browsers. I discovered that along the line it had been set to position:sticky instead of position:absolute, which based on the position settings I had created for it, caused it to drop off the right-hand side of the page on smaller browser sizes. This was fixed eventually, and I decided to move all the menu items further toward the centre of the page so that there wouldn’t be any issues on other browsers in future.

All of the work I wanted to complete on the site has now been completed, so please let me know if there’s any issues that crop up for you when accessing the site here: C2 By Design.



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