Week 1: 30 Circles

This is the first week of Communication Design Strategy, and we’ve been tasked with beginning to define a topic for which we can create a strategy for a new campaign.

We begun with 30 circles, in which we chose a topic and tried to write as many issues related to the topic as we could in three minutes. I chose endometriosis awareness as my topic, and you can see my attempt at 30 circles below.

30 circles

In BlackBoard, we were asked to answer some questions regarding our chosen topic of research, and I’ll reiterate my responses here:


What is the issue / topic you wish to work with?

I chose endometriosis as my topic for this activity. Basically it is a health condition affecting about 10% of women in Australia that has shockingly little awareness.

Is your issue / topic something of interest?

Absolutely. I was diagnosed with this myself almost five years ago, and I’ve been doing a lot of research around the condition since then. There are so many different resources and so much confusion around the topic that I feel like this could be the perfect opportunity to consider approaching the issue in a cohesive manner.

Can you identify a specific problem that needs to be solved, or a need that needs to be addressed?

There were a few different issues that sprang to mind, but I think the one I would like to focus on is the average 8 year wait for a diagnosis. I myself waited 10 years for a diagnosis, and I can’t help but think that if there were more awareness of the condition then I and many others wouldn’t have had to wait so long for help.

Other issues I considered were the stigma associated with the condition (a.k.a. “women’s issues”), and the lack of knowledge of the disease within the medical community and society in general.

Can you explain the communication need and the problem / issue in 2 sentences?

There is a significant period between symptom development and diagnosis of endometriosis. We need alert women to this condition so they can receive help sooner.

You will choose an organisation or company that works in this space and needs help with their design and campaign strategy.

Endometriosis Australia would be the gold standard. Although they do a lot of great work raising awareness of the condition, the wait time for diagnosis hasn’t really been touched upon by them yet.

Can you define a specific group of people that you will be communicating to? The target market or part thereof?

I think the best group would be young women (i.e. 15-30 year olds) who perhaps don’t realise that their symptoms are different to other women, or who may be too busy to put their health first.

Can you think of, really roughly, a new way to solve or address your identified problem / issue? Do you have that spark of inspiration or an idea?

My initial thought was something like a clock counting down, from the 8 year mark, to emphasise the extent of time that 8 years involves. This would be accompanied by a tagline like: 8 years of pain, 8 years of misdiagnosis, etc.

When you think about your topic do you get inspired?

Again, absolutely. After learning about the different stories of so many women who are affected by this disease and their families, I feel as though there could be great potential in approaching the issue in a unique way using communication design.


So for me this topic is a really personal one, and one that I feel quite strongly about, so I’m hoping that this will make for a better design outcome overall, and keep me motivated throughout the unit.

I mentioned Endometriosis Australia above, and it is a great resource for sufferers and families; I will most likely be getting a lot of research material through this site as well. If you’d like to take a look you can do so here: https://www.endometriosisaustralia.org/.

I’d love to hear some feedback, or if there’s any questions you’d like to ask. Let me know what you think so far!



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