Topic Overview

As requested, I’m including my updated topic selection, as well as target markets and the goals of the design process:


The topic / issue:

Raising awareness of endometriosis in adolescent girls (15-20)

Specific problem I am addressing with this campaign:

The average 8 year wait time for a diagnosis.

Specific target market I will be aiming my campaign at:

Adolescent girls with symptoms of endometriosis who might not know anything is wrong; mothers of adolescent girls who have symptoms of endometriosis.

The change of behaviour my campaign is aiming to evoke:

By raising awareness of the issue, the hope is that girls will seek medical help for their issues, or at least share their concerns with their parents. In mothers, the aim is to get them to recongnise the symptoms of endo, and potentially arrange medical help for their daughters if they think they might have the condition.

How the actions / the change of behaviour will make an impact on the issue / problem: 

On a general level, greater awareness will allow the 8 year wait for diagnosis to be reduced as more people know about the problem. On a personal level, the sooner a woman is diagnosed and treatment begins, there is less chance of it having a serious and lasting impact.


One thought on “Topic Overview

  1. Thanks for uploading this. I have been browsing your posts for some time and
    it always brings me back! I’m a long time follower, but I have never been compelled to leave a comment until I started
    my own gaming blog.


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