Week 4: Workbook Submission

This week I’ve been focused on completing my interim submission for assignment 1: my workbook process journal.

This has involved creating a designed document that contains all of my research thus far, including personas, sketches, mood boards and statistics which are important to the target markets.

In preparation for this, I’ve also completed another persona, this time for the mother of a teenage girl. You can see this below:

Persona 2_Mother.indd

Persona 2_Mother2

This persona was trickier for me to complete, as it relied largely on anecdotal evidence rather than pure statistics. In saying this, however, researching how mothers connect with media and with other mothers has been important to ascertain, as this will determine how I deliver a campaign which is targeted to mothers. A lot of the anecdotal evidence deals with how mothers of daughters with endo can deal with the trials that come with it; as well as looking at how sufferers’ mothers treated their condition through their own eyes. While these are two different perspectives, I feel that they work to create a detailed persona of a mother that doesn’t know about endo, but is trying to deal with their daughters’ symptoms as best they can.

Also completed this week was a small campaign moodboard, which looks at other campaigns run for endo, both by Endometriosis Australia and other organisations. The result is below:

Campaign Reference Image

I really like the strong motivational themes to the posters, which focus on knowledge and empowerment rather than fear and unknowing. Appealing to girls in this way is, I think, far more likely to reach them than a purely fact-based or scare-tactic campaign would. I also like the use of the yellow throughout the campaigns, with this being the official colour of the yellow ribbon which signifies endometriosis awareness.

Finally, I’ve also started to refine my sketches based on feedback from my peers:


I’ve used the paper chain graphic from one sketch, and the end/endo slogan from another, and I’m now hoping to ascertain a way to use both together for the final design. I’m unsure whether this will target teens or their mothers yet, nor of the delivery method, but I feel as though this could create a strong message for communication.


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